Make Traveling So Comfortable! Here are 7 Safe Ways to Save Money When Traveling

Money becomes one of the most crucial things when traveling, especially when we go somewhere far away. Not all places have access to withdraw money, except in urban areas. Well, if traveling, especially to remote destinations with access to take cash is difficult, you have to prepare more cash. Though storing too much money in your wallet when traveling is not safe and will trouble you. For those of you who have plans to travel at the end of the year, especially to places far from banking and ATM access, tips on safe saving money while traveling.


Don’t keep money in one place while traveling

Indeed, the wallet functions as the easiest place for storing money when traveling. However, so it is not safe if you do it while traveling far away.

Avoid storing large amounts of money in your wallet. Try to share the cash you carry with you in a number of places when you are traveling.

For example, here, you can keep pocket money in your wallet, but spare money is stored in a backpack, while money for unexpected events in the secret pockets of your pants.

Use small change

We recommend that when traveling you use a small amount of money, especially if stored in a wallet.

In addition to making it easier for you when making transactions, this step is at the same time a preventive measure so as not to attract the attention or target of criminals.

Avoid cash withdrawals in remote areas

When traveling, it’s always best to be vigilant, especially for crimes that can occur at any time.

If your vacation destination is a remote place, then avoid withdrawing cash there, even though an ATM is available.

It’s better to withdraw large amounts of money first before heading there, rather than having to repeatedly withdraw money in remote areas that are less secure.

Always prepare and save more money in a hotel safe

Always take advantage of hotel safe facilities if you have excess money that does not need to be taken anywhere.

Later, this deposit will be very useful if an emergency and unexpected event occur. For example, if your wallet is lost while traveling.

Save money in shoes

If traveling alone, especially if you are a backpacker, you can use the shoes you use as a place to save money.

Shoes can be a safe place to save money when you travel because they are not visible. You can also ensure the state of your money because it is always felt and trampled when walking.

Save money in underwear

If you travel as a backpacker, it never hurts to save money under the underwear you wear. You can wrap using plastic or handkerchief, yes.

It looks like this method is quite disgusting and dirty, but it is guaranteed the safest. Because no one would have thought that there was money hidden there.

Various life hacks to hide money

Are you a typical creative person? If so, you can try various life hacks to hide and save money while traveling.

Your money is guaranteed safe because of the way it is unique and may not be thought of by others.