Looking for the Best Indian Food Restaurant

Most people know just how vital Indian food is. It is so natural, so delicious- it makes children and old people alike excitedly stand up when they hear the word “Indian.” Indian food is not just one dish or two, it is an entire culinary culture. Indian cuisine encompasses various meat and vegetarian dishes, spice combinations that can take your taste buds to different places, exotic ingredients like mangoes and cashews, unique drinks made with yogurt and spices. Often called the “food of the gods,” Indian cuisine has become so popular across the globe that there are now many fine-dining restaurants serving authentic South Asian fare.

The right place to enjoy Indian food- An excellent Indian restaurant has a friendly environment where people can enjoy their meal in peace. It is a place where the atmosphere is authentic, where the aroma of the food can be relished. In this way, you will enjoy your food without having to worry about anything.

Choosing a great Indian restaurant can be a tricky task as each establishment has its unique style of cooking that may require more than one visit to appreciate its offerings fully. However, if you are genuinely looking for an authentic Indian dining experience, then these are the best Indian food restaurants In Nordic areas:


Each dish made by Theka is carefully prepared by their chefs and served piping hot to your table. They use the finest and all-natural ingredients in all of their dishes. They bring a variety of healthy options that satisfy even the most exotic appetite. Let them know what you enjoy eating, and they will recommend the perfect dish for you.

They take pride in keeping their restaurant spotless and inviting for their guests. The decor is polished, simple, refined with warm colors that allow for a soothing ambiance for all guests- old and young alike.

Theka believes that their staff makes the difference. Each of them is friendly and welcoming to every guest that comes in to dine with them. For guests who wish to practice their language or have questions, their staff will gladly assist you and give you a warm smile during your visit- their servers even help customers carry their heavy bags.

Tre Indier

Tre Indier is known for its great homemade dishes and hand-crafted recipes. Their food is fresh, homemade, and healthier than most restaurant food out there. They use fresh ingredients and do not add any preservatives or MSG. Some authentic Indian recipes served at Tre Indier include lamb curry, chicken curry, makhani chicken, egg masala, butter chicken, aag paneer, biryani rice and roti.

The waiters at Tre Indier are known for their warm and friendly service. They may be the first Indian restaurant in Sweden to have female waitresses that wear traditional dresses. They have waiters that make you feel at home while they help you decide on what to eat or even recommend something based on your preferences. Also, the restaurant has beautiful and elegant decor suitable for any occasion. They are the best place to eat for special events, like anniversaries, birthdays, family dinners, or even a special night out with your friends. From the food to the service and the decor, they make sure you have a great experience when you visit us.

You cannot beat the combination of their excellent food, friendly service in a beautiful place with reasonable prices. They believe in keeping it simple and delivering great Indian food to their customers at affordable prices. They make sure that you can dine at their restaurant no matter what part of town you live in. True Indier is very reasonable compared to any other Indian restaurant in town or even out of town and sees the difference. This brand always looks for ways to lower their prices and make sure that everyone has a great experience when they dine at True Indier.

Indian Garden

Indian Garden makes some of the best Indian food in the Nordic region. The food is authentic, flavorful, and unlike anything, you have ever tasted. They are not pretentious about the fact that they make delicious Indian food. They do not have fancy decor or big prices to show for it.

They have been making great Indian dishes since 2007. Their homemade naans are soft and chewy, almost like eating a giant pillow. The meats, vegetables, and spices are as fresh and authentic as you can get.

Their food is prepared the old-fashioned way without any blow torch or microwave stuff. They use only the freshest ingredients, cut and chopped by hand, spiced to perfection in traditional Indian kitchens, and cooked on traditional Indian grills using wood from their forests.

Their servers will treat you like royalty while you enjoy their selections from their authentic Indian menu. They do not have a thousand exotic dishes that no one has ever heard of, nor do they have an overpriced wine list or an outrageously priced dessert menu. As most of their customers become regulars, they tend to love them more than any other Indian restaurant around town.