Is this your first time abroad? These 5 Genius Tips for Your Safe and Comfortable Traveling!

Whose heart doesn’t flutter when you first go abroad? Feeling welled. Happy and afraid to mix into one. Tomorrow it will fly, so you won’t be able to sleep tonight.Well, this time I will discuss some preparation tips when going abroad. Starting from making a passport, making an itinerary, tips on using a Debit Card to make traveling more practical, to tips to keep you safe overseas.

1. Before buying a plane ticket, check all the passport and visa documents

This passport is your identity when abroad. will not be valid. Before you even buy a plane ticket, you will be asked for your passport number.

So, even if there are no plans to go abroad, try to make a passport. Who knows, suddenly you will be invited to an Umrah or a trip to Europe impromptu with the ex right?

For a visa, it is a permit to enter a country. Usually placed in a passport. There are countries that are visa-free, some can visa on arrival, some must be made first at their respective

How does this country need a visa or not? It’s really easy, you just have to download the Safe Travel application from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, then go to the “Check the Visa Status of the Destination Country” section.

Mostly for Southeast Asia, we Indonesians are visa-free. So for you who first want to go abroad, just try close countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and surrounding areas. Just bring your passport to enter these countries.

Next, you can try to go to further Asian countries such as Japan or Korea (Japan is visa-free for e-passports, so make sure you make e-passports all at once!). Then you can go to Europe, and go around the world up to you and fill your account.

2. No need to carry too much cash, just bring a Debit Card for transactions abroad!

In addition, just take money at an using a Debit Card. Can any bank machine as long as there is a visa logo. And of course, the rate is definitely more reasonable. Especially if you use the Jenius foreign currency balance selection feature.

3. Arm yourself with an internet connection.

For the internet, there are some countries that will be cheaper if you buy a local sim card. But there are also countries where the internet is cheaper if you rent an internet modem. This modem can be used together, of course,

I think the internet is very important if you go abroad. First, surely we need a maps application so that it doesn’t get lost. Let your word be a true super traveler who wants to get lost, but if you get lost it keeps getting busy


If there is internet, you can also continue banking transactions, as usual, using the Jenius app. Want to transfer or pay bills abroad is not a problem!

4. Study the Country of Destination

Before buying a plane ticket, taking care of a visa, booking a hotel, and all of the above, you must know the condition of the country you are going to. How to? Of course, you can read the latest news related to the country.