Here are My Tips for Traveling with Children Comfortably and Safely

After having children, often my thoughts are complicated before going to travel.

Why? Imagine, in addition to luggage that needs to be packaged so it is getting a lot, breastfeeding in the middle of the trip is also one of the things that make me frown.

Some time ago, there was an incident of a mother carrying a child on a plane and crying nonstop, then it went viral because there were passengers who felt uncomfortable with it.

Mother, please note that the baby or small child cannot predict the mood, but there are some steps that must be considered, before taking the child away.

Here are my tips for making children comfortable when traveling, so that the trip becomes calm and safe.

1. Make sure the child is in good health

Before leaving, I usually make sure the child is healthy inside and out.

Because, if the child is able-bodied but in a cranky state, it can amby Mother. It is better to move around for a while because it will make it difficult for us and our children.

Children who are in a cranky state will be difficult to be invited to make peace. Resulting in anxious feelings on the way.

So, don’t force it if your child is not in good condition.

2. Build Mood Since Departure Preparation

In planning a departure to travel with Little, usually the night before I invite children to talk about it.

Even children who cannot answer what is said will understand when we begin to invite them to discuss.

In my opinion, a child of some kind has a ‘button’ to understand what we are talking about. So try to get your child involved in family matters, Mother.

3. Making peace with your husband about the child-carrying turn

A stroller is one thing that must be taken when traveling. But, will the child always feel at home in a stroller? Of course not, right Mother?

Well, how to overcome fatigue in holding your child is alternately holding with a partner.

The husband becomes the only partner taking turns holding the mother alone when traveling, or when not using ART services.

It should be discussed long before leaving about the turn to carry it with your husband.

Because the husband could think of us as his mother much more enjoy each time carrying the Little One. In fact, in fact, we often carry each day yes, Mother.

So, really help from the husband is the key to a mother’s happiness when traveling.

4. Confidence and Don’t Be Shy in Loving Public Places

When in a public place, there may be some mothers who feel reluctant or ashamed to give milk to a baby while traveling.

Did you know, in this era, breastfeeding is no longer a taboo?

Mothers can bring an apron to cover it up or go to the nursing room if provided.

Wearing breastfeeding clothes is also important so that wherever we breastfeed our little ones, we will feel comfortable, the breast area is covered, and your little one can be full without cranky.