Exciting Things You Can Do During Weekend Getaway in Batam

For those of you who live in Singapore, there are so many places to go for holiday. But, if you feel bored and want to explore other holiday activities, you can go to Indonesia, in Batam. Believe me, not only is the island just across the water from Singapore, Batam also has everything you need to accommodate your holiday.

The best time to go to Batam is when you get yourself a weekend break. You can go to the island by a 40 minutes ride from Singapore on a speed boat. When you have arrived in the city, you can book the best hotel in Batam and look for the best offer. One of the most visited hotels is Montigo Resort Nongsa that is worth the place for an island getaway.

After you get yourself your hotel room, you can start immediately to enjoy Batam and do some of these activities. Here are the best things you can do in Batam.

1. Strolling Around at Nongsa Beach

When you come to Batam, you must add Nongsa Beach to your bucket list. Because in this beach, you can relax all day with less crowded people around and it’s perfect sands. Not only that, Nongsa Beach is one of the best places for sunbathing if you are looking for some tan skin.

If you are tired of sunbathing, you can go for strolling around the beach. At the moment, you will find some locals that sell some food to enjoy. For dinner, you can go for the fancy dining resto and the best part is you can see the sunset while drinking some beach-vibe cocktail.

2. Shop Around at Nagoya Hill

Batam is also known as heaven for shopaholics. But, there is one place to go if you want to spend some money on a lot of goods. You can go to Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall to enjoy shopping around in Batam.

Unlike some malls you can get, Nagoya Hill brings you the City Walk concept where you can search for imported and local goods in one place. You can get the goods at an affordable price, like clothing, sports equipment, household supplies, electronics, and many more. Of course, there are some Gucci and other luxurious brands if you are looking for some goods.

3. Go For Scuba Diving

Perfect island with perfect things to do is some words that fit with Batam Island. On this island, you can go for water activities. Batam is very perfect for scuba diving whether you are a noob or experienced ones. There are many places to dive in Batam, including Abang Island, Petong Island, and etc.

If you are afraid of scuba diving activities, you can go for other water recreation like banana boat, kayaking, or just go for swimming around.

4. Get Lost to Penyengat Island

The best thing when you come to Batam is you can also go island hopping to other islands around. One place to make your trip become perfect is Penyengat Island. In this place, you will be amazed by the atmosphere because you can do some seaside  activities.

One thing to consider is, the best time to visit the island is in the afternoon and spend some hours there. After that, you can prepare yourself to see some amazing sunset on the beach. Beside the place, Penyengat island has some local people with very friendly hospitality.

5. Seafood Galore

Local food in Batam is one of the best things you must try. Cheaper than Singapore, in this island you will get many varieties of seafood. The taste is also as good as a high-rated seafood restaurant but in other ways, you will have seafood galore on the beach.

For your references, you can start with Harbour Bay Seafood or Rezeki Seafood Restaurant and try to order their notorious black pepper crab. Ah, don’t forget to order the King Prawn and Fried Calamari, too.

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