Complete Method to Become a Reliable Tour Guide!

A Tour Guide or Tour Guide is a person who acts as an intermediary between tourists and the tour & travel. The task of a Tour Guide is to guide tourists on each tour expedition and provide an enjoyable experience. Because being a representative, of course a Tour Guide must have reliable quality. In this post, we will discuss how to become a reliable and professional tour guide!

Tour Guide

However, it would be nice for you to see what range of income a Tour Guide earns.

How Much Does a Tour Guide / Tour Guide Earn?

The income or income earned by tour guides or Tour Guides varies greatly. if you already have certification from the association. So, for those of you who have experience in the Tour Guide field, you can have high income However, if you want to get income as high as that, you have to have more experience in this field and you have to be able to become a professional tour guide.

Methods to Become a Tour Guide Overseas

The main review, namely how to become a tour guide abroad, we will discuss in these points.


You must have an attractive appearance so that it can more easily attract the attention of tourists. Starting from the way you dress, the way you talk, your appearance physically, and mentally which must always be properly protected. If you succeed in improving some of the aspects that have been mentioned, it turns out that foreign and local tourists will be more interested in you.

Healthy Physical and Spiritual

Health is a very important thing in the world of work, including being a tour guide. You must have physical health free from disease problems that can be an obstacle when becoming a Tour Guide abroad.

Just imagine if you are guiding a tour, suddenly you experience health problems such as dizziness, fever, and others. Of course this will hamper tourism and make tourists feel insecure.

Master the Knowledge of Attractions

If you become a tour guide abroad, but you have little knowledge or knowledge about tourist attractions, and tourist destinations, of course, it will complicate your work. What’s more, tourists may not trust you in guiding them on their trip. You really have to do this, so continue to study tourist attractions and countries where you will work.

Able to Speak Well (Master the Language)

It is clear that if you become a Tour Guide outside your country you must understand 2 languages. Early English which is an international language. You must use this language to talk to foreign tourists. Second, you must understand the local language spoken in that country. For example, if you become a Tour Guide in France, you must be able to speak French.

If you succeed in understanding international and local languages. Of course tourists who use your services will be safer in speaking.

Follow Tourism & Have a License

You must take tourism studies to become a Tour Guide. You can explore Tour Guide training learning institutions, for example the Indonesian Tour Guide Association. After you finish studying tourism from a learning institution or institution, you must take a license from the National Professional Certification Body organized by the Tourism Professional Certification Institute. This license is useful as a proof of identity / identification so that you can be allowed to guide tours.

You have to remember, this license is only valid for one year. So, every one year you must renew.

  • Provisions of the Method of Obtaining a License
  • Understanding one foreign language
  • Mastering the culture of the region/country
  • Understand the local language
  • Have a minimum age of 22 years

Had explored the Escorting program at the Expedition Agency or the Tourism Bureau

What is the Escorting Program?

This program is the designation used in practical work in the field of tour guides. Divided into 3 sessions, namely:

Session 1: Observing senior tour guides to get meaningful guidance when becoming a tour guide

Session 2: You must guide some of the tour expeditions that you participate in

Session 3: If you feel you are capable enough to guide the tour properly, then you are allowed to guide the tour independently.

So, that’s how you can become a tour guide abroad. You are required to be able to speak English in order to guide international tourists. If your English skills are not qualified, it will be very difficult to take this job.

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