5 Public Facilities That Tourists Can Use When Visiting

Getting around Singapore from hotels to tourist and culinary spots is easy with world-class public transportation, wheelchair-friendly infrastructure, and an array of easily accessible tourist attractions.

As one of the most modern cities in Southeast Asia, Singapore’s urban sophistication makes it accessible to everyone. If you are traveling with an elderly family member or a loved one with a disability, this guide will provide you with everything you need to know to explore Singapore.

  1. Train

Not only famous for its entertainments and places for attractions, Singapore also has great public transport, such as MRT, a fast train for the people in Singapore. It can be said to be the fastest train you can use in Singapore, so it could make your way to your destination much quicker than using a car.

There are some options you can use in order to get into your destinations by using Singapore’s fastest train, MRT. Here are some lists:

  • You can use Singapore Tourist Pass or known as STP, it seems like a top-up card that is usually used by Singapore’s citizens. You can get unlimited travel in a day with a top-up of $10 Singapore, $16 Singapore, or even travel unlimited for three straight days with only a $20 Singapore.
  • If you don’t have access to a Singapore Tourist Pass, you can also use a Mastercard® issued overseas contactless bank with a visa card issued outside Singapore as a way for public transportation payment.
  • Adult Rechargeable Smart Cards (EZ Link / Nets FlashPay): All cards are priced at S$12 per card, which includes S$7 to use when you use transportation here.
  1. Bus

Not only can you use the MRT , you can also use the bus as one of the public transportation options in Singapore. Singapore has a wider route network covering almost all parts of Singapore. Apart from being a cost-effective option to see Singapore, it is also the most eye-catching mode of transportation. You can also enjoy the comfort of an air-conditioned space while admiring the shady trees and the beautiful architecture of Singapore as a city in a garden.

As an option for payment, the bus fare with an adult recharge smart card such as  EZ Link or Nets FlashPay or STP. If you don’t have any local payment mentioned, you can also use the contactless card bank of your visa in your country.

  1. Singapore Visitor Center

If you need assistance or have any questions, visit one of the seven Singapore Visitor Centers. This tourist center provides a variety of useful services and information. You’ll be able to plan your itinerary, get tips on must-see sights, buy sightseeing tickets, book accommodation, and buy (or even stock up) souvenirs.

  1. Free Wifi

WiFi hotspots are also available in various public and business areas throughout Singapore. Like [email protected] It is a free public WiFi service throughout Singapore, with hotspots available in a variety of locations, from shopping malls and museums to MRT stations and public libraries.

The most recent list of accessible hotspots is available here. You can also search for the sticker for [email protected] indicated wherever this network is available, as well as the SSID for [email protected] on your device.

To connect, register an account with your overseas mobile number at any [email protected] hotspot. You will receive login information via SMS message. Please note that overseas fees may apply.

  1. Worship Place

Churches, mosques, synagogues and temples built by early Singaporeans bring the urban landscape to life in a variety of colors and shapes. Visit this iconic place of worship to admire a variety of architectural styles such as vernacular, revivalist and contemporary, while taking an insight into Singapore’s history and culture.

When you want to do a staycation or a long vacation in Singapore, then you can use some of the public facilities that have been mentioned. Don’t forget to prepare the specified payment for when traveling by MRT or Bus, OK! Have a nice trip in Singapore!

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