5 Cheapest Countries Become Tourist Destinations

There are several things that must be considered when going on a tourist expedition to the cheapest countries. Especially for a country with an average payment for food, accommodation, transportation and lodging is not too expensive. Expensive tourist sites do have a certain charm, unfortunately, the more expensive the fees spent, you definitely have to study strategies so that your vacation is not constrained. Here are some countries with very cheap tourist fees.

1. The cheapest Scandinavian country: Denmark

Scandinavian countries are indeed known as the countries with the most expensive destinations in the world. But if you intend to visit Northern Europe, here are some things you need to know. Initially, Denmark is a Scandinavian country that has a very cheap travel budget when compared to other European countries.

In order to save even more, you can forget about the hot season and also the spring season which really makes tourists want to come so prices skyrocket. In contrast, airfare and accommodation costs from September to November after spring and before winter are 40 percent cheaper.

Denmark also offers an easy way to save money, namely by snacking on bread. Forget about the worry of having to pay for expensive meals at a hotel or restaurant, because you can walk to the business center where there are usually many bakery outlets for breakfast with various flavors and choices of toppings.

Not only cheap food, various tourist sites in Denmark are also very cheap, for example the Amalienborg Palace, Hans Christian Andersen’s meal, and the courtyard at Rosenberg Palace. You can also visit Tivoli Gardens, the world’s oldest natural playground.

2. The cheapest Eastern European country: Bulgaria

Bulgaria is one of the countries in Eastern Europe that is very cheap for tourists to visit. In the hot season, tourists from neighboring countries usually come to Bulgaria to enjoy the Dark Sea when travel budgets are very cheap. But at the rest of the year, the country is relatively quiet, with no crowds, or skyrocketing accommodation prices. Likewise, the price of food and attractions is very expensive.

Even so Bulgaria also presents a variety of interesting tourist spots, for example Sofia, one of the city centers in Bulgaria that allows you to see the influence of Turkey and Byzantine in this country. You can also find the absolute beauty of this country by walking through the city. There is also a small villa located right next to the palace above the mountain area. Only in Bulgaria can you hike up a mountain for a relatively cheap fee.

3. The cheapest Southeast Asian country: Cambodia

Cambodia is a country known for the historical site of Angkor Wat, as the site of the largest religious monument in the world. Even though it has gone through several renovations and facilitated access to the site, you still shouldn’t forget to buy a ticket to enter the temple.

If you are satisfied with wandering and continue the expedition, your tour guide will also take you to several other temple locations. Uniquely, Cambodia does not only offer historical tourism sites. The capital city of Cambodia, Phnom Penh also has an old French colonial building, an old French bakery, and various other temple buildings.

In Cambodia, restaurant fees are also very affordable for modern types of cuisine. To save more on your budget, you should come to Cambodia during the cold season, from November to February.

4. The cheapest country in Asia: Nepal

If you want to climb the top of Mount Everest which is of course not cheap, then Nepal is a better and cheaper option. You can always enjoy the sensation of hiking.

Visiting Nepal is rather difficult, especially during the tourist quiet period, which is mid-June to mid-September, due to lots of rain, flooding, and money making tourists at risk of facing disaster when climbing. On the other hand, if you don’t plan to climb the mountain, then from mid-December to mid-February is the right choice for traveling especially with a temperature sensation of only 10 degrees Celsius.

At this time trekking is also not recommended because of the high winds and snow. There are also months from March to May and September to November which are the best times with good times and relatively cheap pay.

5. The cheapest country in North Africa: Morocco

Morocco is a country that can help you save money on travel. As an example of visiting Morocco, namely to a popular festival, namely the Marrakesh Bazaar, you can find various cheap accessories. To travel between cities in Morocco, you will also pay cheaply by train at the cost of taking a bus to the West.

What’s more, you don’t need to pay for a tour guide or entrance fees for attractions such as Saadien’s Tomb, 12th Century Tower Garden, because you can explore on your own as long as you choose fluent English skills. For a dining option in Morocco nothing can come cheaper than kaab el ghzal, a cookie with almond paste. If you stay away from peak times, between November to March, then you will see some prices face a decline in other months. Especially if you spend a lot of time walking and visiting places like Rabat’s Oudaias Kasbah.